Observe All Things is a three level, multi-lesson study of the Bible taking students on a journey from the basics of God’s word to a college level lessons in a one-on-one format. Observe All Things is truly a journey that leads every Christian to not only be a disciple of Jesus, but to make disciples themselves. It is designed to be a one-on-one partnership with a disciple training a disciple who will then be able to train others. Each lesson contains a detailed study with a fill-in-the-blanks, several challenges, weekly Bible reading assignments and scripture memory. Throughout Observe All Things, disciples are equipped to transfer their faith to others and to lead them into the same journey of spiritual growth.
Faith Bible Institute 
   FBI is a Bible college course for every Christian. Students will study chronologically through the ENTIRE BIBLE and systematically through every major doctrine. Yet, basic classes meet one 1 evening a week or students may stream the classes. FBI combines solid Bible teaching with an interactive video format utilizing student workbooks, charts, 3D maps and images to produce a unique and engaging learning experience. Join the over 50,000 students who have been trained through Faith Bible Institute. Click here to see the FBI website.